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Record $1 Trillion Daily Balance Reached on GLMX as Adoption of Electronic Trading for Securities Finance Accelerates

NEW YORK, December 1, 2022 — GLMX Technologies LLC (“GLMX”), a comprehensive global technology solution for trading Money Market instruments, including repurchase agreements and securities lending transactions, yesterday eclipsed $1 Trillion in daily balances for the first time. These balances represent the trading activity of some of the largest global financial institutions which utilize GLMX technology to negotiate and execute securities financing transactions (SFTs). Since inception, GLMX has seen $120 Trillion in volume executed via its technology.

“The $1 trillion mark is a major milestone for GLMX, and reflects the powerful and ongoing technology shift in the overall securities finance industry”, said Glenn Havlicek, CEO and Co-Founder of GLMX. “Achieving this number, seemingly unreachable a few years ago, is testament to the hard work done by the talented team at GLMX and the commitment of our network of leading market participants who use our technology every day.”

“GLMX has established itself as the leader in Dealer-to-Client (D2C) electronic negotiation and execution of securities finance transactions and our firm has played a significant role in defining the sector,” added Sal Giglio, COO of GLMX. “We have seen adoption of GLMX trading technology increase dramatically over the past two years as many dealers and buy-side firms now view electronic trading as a prerequisite to establishing a comprehensive trading relationship”.

Andy Wiblin, Chief Product Officer, said “Growth has been driven by existing and new client activity globally across a diverse collateral set, with the balance split equally between flow coming from North America and that from EMEA.”

“Money Markets are a massive and globally overlapping ecosystem. And while the move to digitalization in those markets appears to have passed the tipping point, there is still enormous work to be done. GLMX is thrilled to be part of that evolution,” concluded Havlicek.

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Founded in 2010, GLMX is an independent financial technology company financed by Otter Capital and Tippet Venture Partners. Wall Street veterans partnered with Silicon Valley technologists to develop GLMX proprietary technology which provides an intuitive, comprehensive, integrated global money market trading solution for institutional participants. The goal of GLMX is to be a leader in technology, to maximize trade lifecycle efficiency and reporting and to improve client access to market liquidity. For more information, please visit